Space extensions employ the services of an award winning Cheshire architects firm. They are well respected and will ensure your project meets all current regulations. Once you agree to work with SPACE extensions we will sit with the architects and lay out the full project that we have agreed upon. We will instruct the architects on the agreed specification and design. We will inform the architect of the full purchase price agreed upon and arrange for a site visit from the architects themselves.

The initial site visit is called a survey and can last up to 3 hours. During this time the architect will take several measurements to ensure they can complete an initial set of drawings for you to look at and make any necessary changes you may wish.

Once the site survey is completed you will have a set of drawings within 7 – 10 days that the architect knows will meet building regulations.

Should the architect feel that any calculations such as heat loss due to the amount of glass for example does not meet building control regulations he will advise and offer a solution. This can sometimes mean slight changes to the design.

Next Steps

Once you agree to the drawings a full set of building regulation proposal drawings will be compiled and provided to you the client as well as submitted for approval. Where structural supporting walls are being removed the architect will instruct his Structural engineer to undertake calculations for the structure and strength of the supporting steel required to make the structure secure and sound.

Where planning permissions are required the architect will liaise with the planning office on your behalf and answer all questions and requests made by the local planning department. You will also receive all requests from the planning department for your records but we will also receive them and will answer all technical questions on your behalf.

General rule of thumb

  • Terraced/semi detached property can project 3m out and the full length of the property under permitted development (don’t need planning permission)
  • Detached properties can project 4m out from the property without planning permission.
  • Side extensions vary and most planners request you stay 1m away from your boundary.
  • Extensions to the front of the property are generally not allowed except for a porch.
  • The cost for the above service depends on each individual project and can be discussed with the building manager during your FREE initial site visit.

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