At SPACE Extensions, our pricing process is easier than you might think. We offer you a free online pricing service that allows you to easily check how much your desired project will cost as an estimate and whether your set budget is as realistic as you might have initially thought. We also do not share your information with any third party as we are ICO registered.

It’s not uncommon for some companies to allow a project to over extend its desired budget, this is normally caused when the company representative is not fully qualified and doesn’t carry out the necessary checks with building control and does not carry out a proper survey. This is why Space Extensions send building managers who are qualified surveyors to quote for each project allowing Space Extensions to therefore offer a price freeze guarantee, there will be NO HIDDEN costs or going over budget, all you will ever pay is the agreed price.

Our pricing service allows you to enter all details of your project on our website and then shows you an estimated price once you’ve answered all the questions honestly and accurately. Remember to answer each question honestly, as this service is only as good as the information you supply. The questionnaire is completely free, which is perfect for the earlier stages of your project.

Things to Consider

When answering your pricing questionnaire, you need to be entirely honest with us, as this will allow you to get an accurate quote. You will be given your quote via your email, which you will need to enter before continuing with the online form. Don’t worry though, we won’t start sending you annoying spam emails!

Sometimes, it is possible that you might not be entirely happy with the price you are quoted. This isn’t uncommon; however, it might just mean that you’ve underestimated the amount you will need to spend on this build. To avoid any disappointment, be sure to conduct thorough research before going ahead with the rest of the project.

Why Choose Us

At SPACE Extensions, we aim to work within your desired budget (a realistic budget at that). We want you to be completely over the moon with the quality of work we are able to supply you, all whilst being delivered at a lower rate that doesn’t break the bank.

Our experienced team are able to perform incredible work all year round, meaning that your project isn’t ever unnecessarily postponed and wasting time. We aim to have your build completed within a short time frame, meaning that you can go back to life as normal and enjoy your new extension!

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