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At Space Extensions, we perform a broad range of services which we offer to our clients. Our kitchen extensions service is one of our many popular options with home-owners. We specialise in luxury yet affordable kitchen extensions, with a wide and varied range of suppliers to choose from! We aim to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams in a budget-friendly and experienced way.

Perform a Survey of Your Property

First things first, you need to inform us of your ideal budget for your project. We suggest allowing a separate budget for both the extension and the kitchen as both are two separate costs and different features. Some may underestimate the amount you need to set aside for the whole project, so be sure to conduct some research before committing to your build.

When you’ve chosen to work with us at Space, we will get stuck in. First of all, we will send an architect to your home to perform a survey of the area. You will have a sit-down conversation with your architect, in which you should discuss everything you wish to include in your extension.

Your architect will discuss with you, the planning application process with your local council.  Once the plans have been signed off, you will receive a detailed drawing of your extension, which you will need to sign off before we are able to start the build.

The Basics

When planning your first ever extension, it may come as a shock to how much certain features may actually cost (especially if you’re looking at the higher market options). Our basic guide shows roughly how much each feature could cost, saving you disappointment in the future.

  • A branded kitchen, granite worktops and midrange appliances – £10,000
  • Replacing an existing kitchen with a brand new one including electrics and plumbing – £2,500 – £3,000.
  • Luxury kitchen with handmade features, granite worktops and high-end appliances – £20,000 +
  • Midrange island with cooker and sink – £4,000
  • Single Storey kitchen extension, bi-fold doors and fully finished kitchen and flooring – £56,000 +

Whatever your budget, we can accommodate for you. We have a large selection of suppliers to choose from, meaning that you will never have to sacrifice any style over price.

Further Things to Consider

If you’re looking for any further features that you want to be added into your build, simply mention it to your architect during your initial consultation.

Throughout the planning process, if you or your architect thinks of any beneficial alternatives to features or materials, these can be easily amended.

All costs, as discussed above, can depend on many factors and therefore makes it difficult to estimate an exact price. Once you’ve discussed with your architect all the features and materials you wish to incorporate into your build, we can then give you a more accurate quote.